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Why is Storytelling Important?

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Did you still remember when your Mom or Dad do storytelling to you?Yups it’s happen long long ago.Or you have just done for your children? Hmmm it’s really good activity before your children going to bed. Go on ! Because it is good habit. There are some reasons why storytelling is important for our children.

Storytelling has been an art form and a communication system long before written language. Stories are often shared around a campfire, at bedtime or during sparetime. They are often about the history, migration from region to region, heroes, friends, ‘duppies’ and the past

Stories are media through which children were educated. They will learn in great detail what they need to know in order to survive and improve their lives. So we must be as a good Storyteller for our children.

As you tell the story you can watch children exppression. When they listen story to those told by others, their listening skill are develop. Children expressions vary during storytelling. When you tell a story without using a book or pictures a child uses his/her imagination to identify the characters. Children learn what stories are and are likely to start telling them, too. They enjoy recalling their own experiences so that they can tell stories they have heard over and over.

There are some suggestions for Parents

¨ Since storytelling begins with listening, parents can help their children get started by reading them interesting books. Most public libraries have large collection of picture books that are suitable for pre-schoolers; if possible you can take an half hour to select one you really like. Children’s librarian can be very helpful in suggesting particular authors and illustrations.

¨ In choosing books for your child, think about the following; how the book is illustrated, children enjoy looking at pictures more than words. They enjoy beauty, humor and fantasy. Avoid books that are overstylized.

¨ Choose a book that captures your child’s interest and which is easy to follow.

¨ Don’t be overconcerned with educational value. Any story that your child enjoys is educationally valid.

¨ Does the story have emotional appeal?

¨ Children tune into the sound of the language as well as its meaning. Be especially wary of books that are marked “easy reading” they may be easy to read, but very dull to listen to.

¨ Does the book appeal you? When you read a book to your child that you really like, the chances are very good that you child will like it too.

Happy storytelling.

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